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Our Team


We are partners Enan and Nadja, with our six-year-old daughter Kahlila and four rescued dogs (Pita, Chapatti, Pumpkin and Hopia). We handcraft our journals in our home in Metro Manila, in the Philippines.

Our love story with making journals began when Nadja was gifted a diary for Christmas as a little girl. This started her passion for the art of documenting her everyday life on paper and amassing stacks of journals along the way. Eleven years ago, without any plan or inclination that this would be a future bread and butter, she decided to teach herself how to make her own journals. She was especially drawn towards traditional bookbinding techniques, and shared her newfound craft with Enan.

Both didn’t have any background in the arts, much less in running a business. Just a common appreciation for the well-built, long-lasting, beautifully aged objects and artifacts that have weathered the test of time and devoted use - from houses and buildings to furniture, from earthenware and jewelry to old books. Painstakingly built, assembled, sculpted, bound or sewn together to last at least a lifetime. We try to recreate and share this magic with you in every piece of journal we make with our hands.


Alunsina is a goddess in the Suludnon’s (people of Panay Islands in the Philippines) Pantheon of Gods. She appears in the Hinilawod, one of the longest epics in the world. Our team is inspired by the strong and fiercely independent Alunsina depicted in "Kung Bakit Umuulan", a children's book retelling of the Suludnon's creation myth by Rene Villanueva.

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